Apple: Hindering Democratisation of Tech

Apple recently launched the iPhone 14 series as well as the new Apple Watch series and it is very evident that Apple is now differentiating its tech models even more than before. Nothing wrong in that from a business perspective, just that the lower models across iPhone & Watch are now missing out on certain … Read more

MacBook Air M1: Tech that excites

I recently purchased the Apple MacBook Air M1 after searching the market for a bunch of Windows Laptops. Yes, I did exceed my starting budget of around Rs.50,000, in fact I doubled it. But having done so, I bought a piece of technology that excited me, which no gadget recently, smartphones included, were able to … Read more

What can the Apple iPad be used as?

Ever since Apple has announced the much hyped and anticipated iPad, everyone is trying to figure out what can the iPad be used as. For a change, even Apple fanboys don’t seem too impressed and Apple seems to have fallen short of expectations. Instead of making a smaller netbook, has Apple created a larger iPhone? Or possibly a larger iPod touch. We try to find out the best possible use of the Apple iPad.

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