MacBook Air M1: Tech that excites

I recently purchased the Apple MacBook Air M1 after searching the market for a bunch of Windows Laptops. Yes, I did exceed my starting budget of around Rs.50,000, in fact I doubled it. But having done so, I bought a piece of technology that excited me, which no gadget recently, smartphones included, were able to do.

The MacBook Air M1 stands out for the following reasons:

  1. Display: A gorgeous glossy display with a 1440p resolution is the first thing that catches your attention. Most Windows laptops come with a 1080p display, or some even 720p in 2021, with a 45% NTSC or 72% RGB coverage. The MacBook display is gorgeous.
  2. Battery: The battery easily lasts for around 15 hours on a single charge. Not many Windows laptops can do this.
  3. Noiseless fanless design: Imagine the comfort of not hearing the fan noise on a laptop with the added convenience of being able to place it on the bed without fearing about the laptop heating up!
  4. Processor Speed: Apple’s M1 chip compares with the Intel i7 chip and gives a speedy performance for most common requirements.
  5. Speakers: Loud crystal speakers of the MacBook Air M1 stand out amongst the competition.

It is sad that Windows laptop manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Acer & Lenovo haven’t progressed with their technologies and continue to offer the same outdated stuff to its customers. A few exceptions such as Dell XPS series are even more expensive than the Apple MacBook Air M1 and even at the higher price offer lower specs such as Intel i5 processors.

I have adapted to MacOS on the MacBook though I would still prefer Windows over MacOS purely because I have been using Windows for ages. But on the hardware front nothing beats the Apple MacBook Air M1.

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