Apple: Hindering Democratisation of Tech

Apple recently launched the iPhone 14 series as well as the new Apple Watch series and it is very evident that Apple is now differentiating its tech models even more than before. Nothing wrong in that from a business perspective, just that the lower models across iPhone & Watch are now missing out on certain … Read more

MacBook Air M1: Tech that excites

I recently purchased the Apple MacBook Air M1 after searching the market for a bunch of Windows Laptops. Yes, I did exceed my starting budget of around Rs.50,000, in fact I doubled it. But having done so, I bought a piece of technology that excited me, which no gadget recently, smartphones included, were able to … Read more

Motherboard Issues with Samsung M & A Series Exynos Phones

There have been several complaints on Samsung Community Forum in India about certain Samsung phones becoming dead bricks. Samsung India is yet to revert on this issue but in the meantime, buyers of these devices are hitting a dead wall. The phones which are affected and the issues are: Samsung M-Series Phones such as M30, … Read more

OnePlus: When the Basics Go Wrong!

Having used OnePlus 6T followed by OnePlus 7 as my primary phones over the last 16 months or so, can’t say that I’m really looking forward to OnePlus 8. Not that OnePlus doesn’t offer value for money but just that they get basics all messed up! VoWiFi: OnePlus phones don’t consistently latch on to VoWiFi … Read more

The Price Conundrum in buying an iPhone

Whenever any Android user thinks of switching to an iPhone, the biggest conundrum he faces is obviously the price. The prospective buyer gets lured with iPhone ads promising an iPhone for as low as ₹64,000 but this is what actually happens when he goes to buy an iPhone: Buyer: Give me an iPhone 11 Shopkeeper: … Read more