Till date, apart from Sony & Samsung, not many phone manufacturers have focused on providing IPxx rated water & dust resistant phones. HTC & Moto did have a few phones which boasted of this protection but that’s about it. Significantly, most of the Chinese manufacturers completely ignored this feature, apparently for cost reasons. However with Apple announcing IP67 protection on iPhone 7, it is highly likely that more Chinese brands could follow suit.

But on one hand while the phone industry could be heading towards providing IP68 level of protection, the glass displays remain a suspect area. Saving your expensive smartphone from scratches, or even shattering it altogether, can be a nightmare for many buyers.

Gorilla Glass 5 was expected to make displays more shatterproof. However, tests show that in the process of achieving that, it reduces protection against scratches. Add to it the gimmicky 2.5D curved glass which many manufacturers are touting nowadays and we have a problem in our hands. Manufacturers of screen protectors have not been able to keep pace with the new age 2.5D curved glasses with the result that there are no tempered glass screen protectors available in the market which cover the display completely for newer phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or OnePlus 3.

We are approaching the end of 2016 but we still can’t have a smartphone that can protect itself without a case & screen guard. Even worst, we now have phones without any compatible screen guard. One can only dream that some day we will have a IP68 rated phone with a completely scratchproof & shatterproof display so that we can worry less about keeping our expensive smartphones safe, probably even without a protective case.

Till then, don’t worry about dropping your IP68 phone in water but please do wrap that beautiful smartphone in an ugly case to protect it from scratches!


Smartphone Protection: Amidst IP Ratings & 2.5D Gorilla Glass