blunder Its not very uncommon to see users rant about mobile handsets. But there are certain goof-ups in the mobile world which have been hard to explain. These goof-ups defy all logic and make you wonder who was it that made these decisions. So here are, in our opinion, the unbelievable strategic goof-ups by mobile manufacturers in 2010. We present the top 6, starting with number 6!

# 6 – Microsoft Kin Announced & Killed in 48 Days

Microsoft’s Kin phone was announced in April, launched in May and died in June. This marks a strange instance of a company pulling major new products so suddenly after launching them because of disappointing sales. The Kin fiasco symbolised signs of disarray for Microsoft’s mobile unit and the Kin was a laughable attempt at a “social phone”.

# 5 – Apple’s inability to manufacture a White iPhone 4

Apple delayed the launch of the white iPhone 4 to the second half of July 2010, then to later in the year & finally to Spring 2011. Apple claims the white iPhone has “proven more challenging to manufacture than expected,” and has become the laughing stock of consumers for its inability to manufacture a white phone!

# 4 – Nokia’s Strange Device Naming Conventions

Nokia has managed to invent a naming system which has made them look stupid. Model numbers such as C2-00, C2-01 and C6-00, C6-01 are insanely hard to remember or discuss. Whatever logic Nokia has presented for it falls flat when you look at examples such as C2 & C6. The C2-01 doesn’t have dual SIM support like the C2-00. Nor does the C6-01 has a physical qwerty found on the C6-00. The naming is downright stupid with no logic whatsoever.

# 3 – AntennaGate – Just Don’t Hold it that way

Apple boss Steve Jobs responded to complaints about the new iPhone 4 losing its signal by telling users “Just don’t hold it that way”. This statement angered many users & became a joke for many. Making this statement was a bigger blunder than actually making the iPhone with the antenna problems. Luckily for Apple, they continue to sell lots of iPhone 4’s despite ‘antennagate’.

# 2 – Outdated Android on Sony Ericsson Flagship Xperia X10 Series

While the majority of the Android world awaits Android 2.3 on their phones, Sony Ericsson has been busy upgrading its premium Xperia X10 devices to Android 2.1. We can’t help wondering how well the SE Xperia X10 would have done if it had got Android 2.1 at the time of launch. It arguably had the best camera on an Android device which would have drawn a large number of camera freaks hoping to jump on to the Android bandwagon. But Android 1.6 ruined the phone; and the image of the company on the software front!

# 1 – No Maemo Phone from Nokia post N900

With Symbian facing widespread criticism, Nokia had a potential winner in the form of Nokia N900 & its Maemo OS. Not only did Nokia not push the N900, it entered into an alliance with Intel to launch MeeGo OS which won’t see any mobile products till 2011. Android has picked up real momentum only in this last one year. Nokia forgot the old saying “Don’t repair it if ain’t broke”. MeeGo could have been positioned as a Maemo upgrade but by not doing this & by not releasing a N900 successor, Nokia has lost a large section of its customers to Android. Will MeeGo be too late to pull back those customers from Android?

What have we missed? Think something else should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments below & we will add them if we find any suitable ones.

Unbelievable Blunders: Strategic Goof-Ups Mobile Makers made in 2010
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