Ever since Apple has announced the much hyped and anticipated iPad, everyone is trying to figure out what can the iPad be used as. For a change, even Apple fanboys don’t seem too impressed and Apple seems to have fallen short of expectations. Instead of making a smaller netbook, has Apple created a larger iPhone? Or possibly a larger iPod touch. We try to find out the best possible use of the Apple iPad.

iPad cannot be used as a phone because …..

….. It cannot make calls. Period

iPad cannot be used as a replacement for your laptop or netbook because …..

….. It does not have a multi-tasking OS
….. It does not have a Drag & Drop file management
….. It does not have a USB port
….. Its storage maxes out at a paltry 64 GB & has no expandable memory slot
….. It does not have a HDMI port

iPad cannot be used as an Internet Browsing device because …..

….. It does not have support for Adobe Flash which many websites use

iPad cannot be used as a replacement for Amazon’s Kindle because …..

….. Kindle is cheaper than iPad
….. Kindle has free worldwide 3G coverage; iPad needs a $30/month data plan from AT&T
….. iPad’s IPS LCD screen causes more eye strain as compared to Kindle’s E-Ink display
….. Kindle has better battery life than iPad

iPad cannot be used as a high end gaming device because …..

….. It has an IPS LCD display which has high motion blur as compared to OLED

iPad cannot be used as a portable TV or video player because …..

….. It has a display aspect ratio of 4:3 instead of 16:9
….. It has mono speakers

iPad cannot be used for video-conferencing because …..

….. It does not have a camera

iPad cannot be used as a Navigation device because …..

….. It does not have a GPS chip built in

And lastly…

iPad cannot be used as a feminine hygiene product because …..

….. It isn’t one. Don’t be confused by the name.

So what can the iPad be used as?

Well, the iPad can be used as a Digital Photo Frame. It can do that just right! But $500 for a Digital Photo Frame? Apple, can we have the next device please?

What can the Apple iPad be used as?
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  • Awesome 🙂 😀

  • Thanks a cool peice of work! I always thought it will be fun for Surfing on it.. By the way, I like your writing style.

  • Anonymous

    give up dude. it would be good to hear an equal article with positive and negative aspects. the ipad is an excellent device – the only concern i hav is how to carry it around and if it justifies the price tag.

  • Brilliant piece of work man 😀 Haha!

  • Thanks CJ 🙂

  • Au

    First generation of ipad..we can only expect improvement. The next ipad would be expected to have an in-built camera, new ports can be included. Safari will be popular in ipads and many more.

    I dont have an ipad…I am patiently waiting for the next generation of ipads. Much like what I did for the iphone lol does anyone still think iphone 2G still exist?

  • jenia 2011.

    this is fuckken gay

  • Lazera21

    ; this is hekka awsome i want one ! (:

  • Vincent Paul

    I can sit here all day long and point out negatives about everything and everyone. I do not think I would trust your opinions with M & A or Telcom for that matter after reading the senseless gibberish you write about.  A year and a half after this article was written, Apple is still leaving the competition so far behind that there is not much of a chance for anyone to catch up. I think you need to brush up on your industry a little bit before you hold yourself out as an expert.